For parents like us who have struggled to make good open enrollment/school choice decisions for their children, we’ve written this analysis of the best schools in Jeffco, based on their three year Median Growth Percentiles in math, reading, and writing, for four categories of students. You can also download an excel spreadsheet with all the date and rankings for every school in the district.

Here is our 2017 Update about Student Achievement Results in Jeffco.

The US Department of Education’s Civil Rights Office has determined that excessive teacher absences have a substantial negative impact on student achievement results. Click here to download teacher absence data for every school in Jeffco.

Here is an April 2016 comparison of Jeffco District High Schools, including achievement growth, and choice-in/choice-out data.

Here is Jeffco district level achievement data for the past decade, for different groups of students. Note that all our reports are based on publicly available data obtained from the Colorado Department of Education.

We wrote this letter to the Jeffco Board of Education in October 2016 in response to their claims that Jeffco’s achievement performance is excellent. We disagree.

Here are Jeffco’s District level Uniform Improvement Plans for 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, and 2013/14. Here is a summary of the root causes for Jeffco's failure to achieve its academic goals that were listed in these UIPs (note how some come up over and over, suggestion the district has failed to address them). Apart from this one document (which shows a weak implementation performance) we’ve never seen any follow-up tracking by the Jeffco DAC of the extent to which the initiatives described in these UIPs were ever implemented, and, if they were, whether they achieved their targeted effects.

High and Middle Schools

Elementary Schools

Charter and Option Schools